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Additional Details:

  • Set up the agenda and meeting place for the Executive Committee meetings
  • Attend the first Executive Committee meeting of the year in a dual role, transitioning out of  the Secretary’s office and starting as the new President
  • Train the new Secretary on his/her duties and transfer all relevant files
  • Prepare the President’s Welcome Letter for beginning-of-year distribution
  • Ensure all Board positions are filled, and that all new Board members have received a sufficient “hand off” from the outgoing Board member. Provide guidance to new Board members as required
  • Provide leadership in moving the NJCA forward in attaining growth, membership satisfaction and providing quality programs
  • Start events/meetings with introductions and share Association new items with attendees
  • Work with the Program Chair on meeting topics and selection of quality presenters
  • Work with other professional associations, locally and nationally, to promote the visibility of the NJCA
  • Work with other Executive Committee team members in recruiting new members, offering educational programs, and enhancing web and survey services
  • Explore ways, make recommendations, and get consensus in strengthening the NJCA with regard to program expansions
  • Chair each Executive Committee meeting and work with Committee members on the agenda for the activities for the current plan year as well as the next plan year
  • Solicit members for the Secretary position for the following year. Follow up on nominations with members
  • Review each Executive Committee position with the incumbent chair in order to highlight and communicate significant changes and improvements to NJCA’s members
  • Work closely with the incoming President to identify initiatives for the new plan year
  • Commit to serve for one year as President Emeritus, taking on projects under the direction of the incoming President
  • Confer with President Emeritus to provide guidance for new Committee members