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Additional Details:

  • Maintain records of Association documents including program evaluation form, logo, Executive Committee meeting notes, meeting attendance records, etc.
  • Work with event venue Catering Manager to plan and execute food menu, including contract negotiation
  • Work with Program Chair to coordinate catering and logistics for all meetings
  • Attend all meetings; arrive early on day of meeting/event to set up as appropriate (e.g., overhead projector, extension cords, microphones, etc.)
  • Greet each attendee at the door prior to each event/meeting, collect attendance fee (if not yet paid), mark attendance, and provide them with nametag
  • At end of meeting, hand out event evaluation forms and also inform members they can complete them online
  • Contact members who did not show up and follow up on charges
  • Provide event/meeting summaries to the Executive Committee
  • Collect membership application and renewal dues paid by check and update membership records accordingly
  • Attend all Executive Committee meetings, take notes, and provide a summary to the Executive Committee
  • Work with Website Chair to update website content including chair role descriptions and association by-laws
  • Work with Executive Committee to Prepare Consolidated Year End Annual Status Report and circulate to Executive Committee prior to year-end summer meeting – to include meeting attendance history, executive meeting attendance history. Work with Membership Chair to include membership lists and individual and corporate membership status. Work with Treasurer to include financial status